Equipment: 2 AMTI MC3A six-axis transducers

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Keywords: Hand forces; Ambulatory measurement; Ergonomics; Occupational biomechanics; Manual materials handling


Equipment: AMTI MC3A Force Sensor

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Keywords: Cervical orthoses; Biomechanics; Neck motion; Supine; Upright


Equipment used: 1 AMTI MC3A Force Sensor -

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Keywords: Falls; Balance; Postural perturbations; Stepping; Joint torques

Equipment used: 2 AMTI SRMC3A Force Sensors -

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Keywords: Spine; Occupational biomechanics; Low-back pain; Manual materials handling

Equipment used: 1 AMTI MC3-6-1000 Force Sensor -

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Keywords: Ball-and-Socket; Friction; Lubrication; Radius; Total disc arthroplasty


Equipment used: 1 AMTI MC3A-6-1000 Force Sensor -

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Keywords: Spine; In vitro testing; Preload; Biomechanics; Axial compression

Equipment used: 1 AMTI MC3-6-250 Force Sensor -

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Keywords: Spine; Flexibility testing; Loading apparatus; Pure moments; Continuous loads

Equipment used: 1 AMTI MC3A-6-1000 Force Sensor -

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Keywords: Vertebral fracture; Spine; Biomechanics; Ligament; Acoustic emission

Equipment used: 1 AMTI MC3A-6-500 Force Sensor -

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Keywords: Bone; Trabecular; Shear; Strain; Strength


Equipment used: 1 AMTI MC3A-6-500 Force Sensor -

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Keywords: Spine; Stiffness; Motion segment; Flexibility; Joint mechanics