Equipment: 2 AMTI BP6001200 Force Plates


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Keywords: Equinus; Gait; Simulation; Kinematics; Kinetics; Cerebral palsy; Orthosis


Equipment used:  AMTI BP6001200 Force Plate


Keizo Yamamoto, Mamoru Matsuzawa, Validity of a jump training apparatus using Wii Balance Board, Gait & Posture, Volume 38, Issue 1, May 2013, Pages 132-135


Keywords: Jump; Force plate; Wii Balance Board; Validity; Ground reaction force


Equipment used: 1 AMTI BP6001200 Force Plate - www.amti.biz/BP6001200.aspx

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Keywords: Sidestepping; Cutting; Maneuverability; Navigation; Locomotion

Equipment used: 1 AMTI BP6001200 Force Plate - www.amti.biz/BP6001200.aspx

Kristian M O’Connor, Joseph Hamill, The role of selected extrinsic foot muscles during running, Clinical Biomechanics, Volume 19, Issue 1, January 2004, Pages 71-77


Keywords: Pronation; Gait; Injuries; Ankle

Equipment used: 1 BP6001200 Force Plate

STOFFEL, K. K., R. L. NICHOLLS, et al. (2010). “Effect of Ankle Taping on Knee and Ankle Joint Biomechanics in Sporting Tasks.” Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise 42(11): 2089-2097


Keywords: sidestepping, injury, running, moments, motion