AMTI Force-Sensing Treadmills

Equipment used: 1 AMTI Force-Sensing Treadmill -

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Keywords: Body weight support; Gait; Rehabilitation; Treadmill training

Equipment used: 1 AMTI Instrumented Treadmill -

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Keywords: Split-belt treadmill; Base of gait; Treadmill locomotion; Kinematics; Walking

Equipment used: 1 AMTI Instrumented Treadmill -

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Keywords: Low back pain; Coordination; Coordination variability; Walking; Running; Continuous relative phase; Range of motion; Pelvis; Trunk

Equipment used: 1 AMTI Instrumented Treadmill –

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Keywords: Gait; Kinematics; Kinetics; Treadmill; Overground

Equipment used: 1 AMTI Treadmill –

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Keywords: Kinetics; Gait; Footwear; Barefoot